✦ it's time to let your highest self shine & awaken your inner healer ✦

It is no accident that you're here...

the whole universe has expanded and guided you to this very moment and your curiosity led you here for a reason. your intuition is hinting to you that something about spirituality, becoming a healer and helping others resonates. even if you don't exactly know how or what exactly that looks like yet, you know that you're meant for more.


AKA, Miss Intuition.

Before we go any further, let me just say with my entire being that I am so grateful and excited that you are considering “On the Light Path” to serve you on your healing and intuition development journey!

Once upon a time, I was struggling with severe anxiety, depression and longing for emotional fulfillment and a sense of purpose. I didn’t believe I would ever find freedom from the heaviness and I was keeping myself stuck.

That was until I took a leap of faith and invested in spiritual and intuitive growth courses! I started engaging with a spiritually attuned community,reconnecting with my highest self and became a certified energy healer and full time psychic medium!

I was able to dream again, hope again, and re-engage with my intuition! My life has never been the same since I took that leap of faith. everything I put into this course placed me back on the light path & helped me kickstart a new level of life force energy within. And now i'm here to be a guide for you in achieving the same

My guess is that if you’re looking into this course...

you've been feeling unfulfilled with your current life path and you desire to connect deeper with your soul and the spirit realm.


you would love to help others or start a spiritual business but you have no idea where to begin or what you can do.


you have been through your own challenges that has left you thinking "maybe this is all happening for a higher reason?" but you have no idea where to go from there.

I am here to validate that it is all for a higher reason and your intuition is onto something. you've already taken one step towards gaining more clarity and purpose by following your curiosity and ending up here.

Signs This Course Is For You..

✦you have experienced pain and struggles that you feel deep down you're meant to help others with.

✦you resonate with being a highly sensitive person and deep feeler.

✦you have a strong curiosity to explore spirituality and new ways of healing.

✦you desire to find more meaning and purpose in your life.

✦ you want to manifest bigger things and connect with new passions within the spiritual realm.

✦ you have had spiritual experiences that you can't understand or explain, leaving you with many unanswered questions.

✦ you are fascinated by healers, psychics, mediums, and intuitives and you would love to learn how to become one yourself.

✦ you don't love your current chosen career path and would love to build your own spiritual business.

Myth #1

Only special, “gifted” people have intuition and intuitive abilities & become healers.

Wrong… intuition is an inherent gift you are born with. We are all gifted, born with the ability to connect with the Universe on an intimate and intentional level. You possess an inner knowing that is designed to guide you through life and introduce you to your Highest Self. Intuition is not only something you already have, but it’s a spiritual muscle that can grow and be strengthened over time!



learn how to let go of all that you have been conditioned to believe you are, and start to become the real you and the healer you came here to be. I take you through my process of unlearning while teaching you how to grow your awareness the next level.


you learn the stages of consciousness and how to expand yours to completely change your energy and life for the better. i teach you how to become more enlightened, happy & one with the universe.


learn the fascinating ways the universe and your intuition communicate with you and how you can begin to become more in tune with signs, energy, and spirit.


i teach you all about how to know if something is in alignment with you and how to follow the breadcrumbs of your own universal path to find purpose.


become a master of your own energy & learn how to manifest with the quantum realm. I talk all things chakras, how to heal and how to shift your energy into higher vibrations.


you are psychic! yep. I said it again! because it is the TRUTH. Intuition is your birthright and you hold extra senses that lay dormant within. you have yet to tap into their potential. and i'm here to teach you how unlock your own gifts & become not just any healer, an professional & intuitive healer.


become a certified level 1 practitioner ( with level 2 coming to the course in the spring ) learn how to heal yourself and others as well as how to start your spiritual business!

Level 1 dropping into the course in January 2024


🟣you're letting go of old ways of being
🔵healing from the inside out
🟢re aligning your life
🟡you're manifesting things you never thought were possible
🟠you're becoming a spiritual expert & a certified energy healer
🔴 & your life has done a complete 180


Myth #2

working with energetics, frequencies, chakras, and spirituality are not valid or "legit" ways to healing and freedom. 

Wrong… Working within the chakras and elevating your vibration and frequencies has long been used within the Reiki healing modality, founded and developed in Japan during the mid 1800’s. It has since been used all over the world to heal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual distress. In fact, I’m master level Reiki certified and you too will be a certified Reiki Level 1 healer after you complete this course.

The Course Modules


Module 1: The Unlearning: Take a deeper, introspective look into your limiting beliefs and subconscious life habits that are blocking you from manifesting your most aligned dreams & becoming the healer you're meant to be.

you learn...

  • Dive into the depths of what the conscious and subconscious mind is & how to heal both.
  • Spiritual bypassing vs healing.
  • My Method for Unlearning limiting beliefs & old ways of being that actually work.
  • How to expand your consciousness & grow awareness.

Module 2: On the Light Path: Take time to reflect, visualize your highest self, and learn how to take aligned action to start becoming your most authentic self.

you learn...

  • What it means to be on the light path & how to get yourself on your own light path.
  • How to seek inspiration & awaken your authentic self.
  • Learn to pick up the ‘breadcrumbs’ from the universe & find more purpose.
  • What is alignment vs misalignment 
  • How to realign your energy when you feel disconnected.
  • learn the life path numbers & the meaning of yours.


Module 3: Energy is Everything: Discover the medicine for your energy and begin to raise your vibration by learning what brings energy down and elevates your energy to its highest potential. Learn everything you’ve longed to know about raising your frequency, chakras, masculine & feminine energy, and so much more. 

you learn...

  • What is energy & how to heal it
  • How to expand your aura & raise your vibration.
  • How to harness both your masculine & feminine energies
  • Learn the chakras with an extensive Chakra PDF guide
  • Learn how to protect & cleanse your energy.
  • Become a manifestation expert & manifest a new reality.
  • How to build an altar & cleanse your space.

Module 4: Language of the Soul & Intuition - Increase your awareness and openness to your intuitive pings and messages! Learn to strengthen your natural intuitive abilities and get clarity on how you personally receive downloads from the Universe. What is intuition & how to develop it.

you learn...

  • Learn the language of the soul & the universe.
  • How to receive signs & guidance from the universe.
  • Learn the the difference between your fear & intuition.
  • Learn exactly how to sharpen & strengthen your intuition.
  • Learn the Clair intuitive senses & develop them.
  • Spirit guides and angels 101
  • Deeper dive into the Angel Number Meanings.
  • Divine Intervention.
  • How to Interpret your dreams.
  • Intuition tests & Practice Exercises.

Module 5: Reiki Level One Certification Training - awaken your inner healer & become a reiki level 1 practitioner.

in this 2 hr training:

you learn...

  • the reiki principles
  • what is reiki and how it heals
  • reiki techniques & tools
  • the history of reiki healing
  • learn how to heal your own energy & begin to learn how to heal others.
  • receive your reiki energy upgrade, aka.your reiki attunement.

( certification uploading to the course January 2024 & Reiki Level 2 uploading Spring 2024.)



next LIVE call: January 25th | FULL MOON HEALNG CIRCLE

" I am so grateful that I was intuitively guided to find her and I can't say enough good things about working with her. I knew that she would be an amazing mentor to help me along my spiritual journey"


“Her guidance and support has really helped me deepen my spiritual practice and intuition.”


“Carly is SO knowledgeable and passionate about reiki healing and spiritual development. She is so genuine and really knows how to make you feel welcome and accepted.”


"carlys mentoring has helped me remember my own power & she has really supported me with strengthening & trusting my intuition!"


"carly has a chilled, practical approach to her mentoring.her intuitive guidance & wisdom has helped me see my path more clearly. she has so much grace & is so authentic, I have learned so much from her."


Myth #3
Women are more intuitive than men..
Wrong… men carry INCREDIBLE intuitive abilities! Each person carries their own unique, distinctive ways that they engage with the universe.

The Curriculum

  Part 1 - On The Light Path
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Part 2 - Intuitive Development
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Myth #4

Self paced courses set you up to fail

Wrong… Self paced courses like this one are specifically designed for you to succeed! Self paced curriculum allows you to work within the margins of your life that work for you without the added pressure of completing it. Many courses with strict completion dates often apply undue pressure, stress, and foster a lack mentality. With this course you can go at a rhythm that serves you, your life, and your energy. Not to mention you’ll have a community that is fully in it with you!


What is a “Light Path?”

  • A transformative spiritual, mental, and emotional journey that will illuminate your path, enhance your inner wisdom, and help you unleash your highest potential. This course was designed to support with both your mental health as well as your spiritual growth and help you live and manifest an aligned, purposeful life.

How much does the course cost? Do you offer any payment plans?

  • Course cost is $1,111CAD. but the early bird price is $597.00
  • Payment plans are available! More details will be laid out at checkout

How long will I have access to this course?

  • Forever! Once you invest in this course you will always have access to it. There will also be new content added ongoingly, as the course evolves and expands!

What do I do when I have a question about a module or how to practice my intuitive abilities?

  • Please don’t fret! You’re not alone in this course, I promise. I will have live calls with the the Light Path” community. During this time there will be a Q&As, group healings, card readings & much more!

I’ve been on my spiritual development journey for a long time now. Is this course worth the investment?

  • The answer is absolutely. Whether you’re just starting on your journey or have been on it for quite some time, this course offers specific lessons, techniques, meditations, prompts, exercises, and understandings that will meet you where you are!